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We strive to be your online source for solar LED lights at affordable prices. Why not go green in style? We offer a range of home and garden décor that will be ecologically friendly and friendly to your wallet as well. We carry a broad solar LED pole lamp selection, garden décor, solar fountains, stainless steel LED lights, solar LED wall lights, pool & pond supplies, and so much more. So feel free to browse the site and see how you can benefit from solar LED lighting today!


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If you're interested in increasing security at your home, you may be interested in a solar LED security light or one of our many wall mounted solar LED spotlights, which can shine a little bit of extra light on your home to make sure you can see what's going on outside and to ward off anyone who shouldn't be there. If your home is actually *too* hard to find, you may alternatively be interested in picking up a solar address sign, which can be used to keep friends from driving all the way through the neighborhood when trying to find your house.

Our solar LED lights are the best in the industry and they come in many different styles with all sorts of useful purposes. You could have some nifty solar rock lights that lead up to your front door, or you could even employ some solar LED pool and pond lights to light up the pool late at night. We also carry some very interesting color changing solar lights that can be used for all sorts of different occasions. Check out everything that we have to offer!

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